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The workplace can be tough for a woman. Often it is hard for her to feel seen or respected. Although many women have brilliant ideas that can steer a company to success, society is often tentative to let them take the reins.

By changing our attitudes and becoming allies, we can erase the stigma against women in the workplace. Everybody deserves to have their ideas heard and considered! If you want to make the workplace friendly for everyone, including ladies, here are some ideas on where to start.

Celebrate Women’s Accomplishments
Have you noticed that, at work, women are not given the credit they deserve for a job well done? Maybe they are only praised in passing, which is hardly praised at all. You can help change this! 

If you’re the boss, make sure everyone on the team knows what she’s accomplished and how it will benefit the company. If you’re a coworker, don’t miss a chance to discuss her achievement with your colleagues. This will encourage women to put their best into every project!

Give Women Direct Feedback
Give real constructive criticism. Don’t worry about hurting a lady’s feelings–she can take it. What she wants is direct, helpful feedback. She can’t grow professionally if you let her off with a pat on the back. If she’s done something that isn’t helpful, don’t be afraid to tell her. 

Some people mistakenly think that the workplace is too tough for women. The truth might be that women in the office aren’t given a chance to grow. Helpful words will allow them to thrive and show what they’re capable of.

Make Sure Women’s Ideas Are Heard
Some women are soft-spoken by nature, so you might think they don’t have much to say. In reality, they have to deal with loud voices talking over them. 

As a woman, you can make your ideas heard by sitting front and center at meetings. If you’re hoping to support another woman, discuss her ideas with the team, making sure to give due credit. Once heard, a woman’s idea might lead your company to success!

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