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Starting a business is a venture that demands business insight, planning, determination and drive–not to mention some good fortune. Once a company has been created, there are growth stages for such a venture that need development. Careful planning is needed for all the stages of building any business if it is to succeed. There are key positions to fill with employees who will bring success to the venture promptly.

Business Operations Manager

Not infrequently, the founder of a business or corporation assumes this position in the beginning months of a business. Nevertheless, founders prefer to focus on improving their products and have a manager with the necessary understanding to oversee the day-to-day operations of a company. There can be, for instance, management of finances, accounting, business filing, employees and daily operations.

This business manager of the company’s operations is a mix of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Office Manager, along with being a General Manager. Sometimes, at the company’s start, the Business Operations Manager may place the early focus on production and sales, leaving operations to a trusted person.

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees anything involving costs. This officer is sometimes considered a hybrid of a Chief Operating Officer-Office Manager, General Manager and a Business Analyst. It is not uncommon for the company’s founder to take on this role at first, but for certain types of companies, the focus may be more on products, sales, etc. Then, operations are overseen by a reliable operations person.

Supervisors of Operations

These employees must be skilled in training workers to correctly complete the necessary operations processes, such as managing the financial records, expenditures, tax payments, and other finances-related matters. Supervisors should be relatively competent in training employees to independently complete the necessary operations processes. They must set employee schedules and clarify what is expected of them in their completion of daily functions.

To continue future operations, the operations supervisor frequently engages in high-level discussions and efforts to strengthen communication. If successful, these efforts bring about good business relationships and the funds for company growth in the future.

Versatile Personnel

While a business is growing, it benefits a start-up financially to have employees capable of performing various tasks and performing in different roles.

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