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Building a successful career is all about controlling your reputation. If you want to gain
the upper hand in the office, you’ll need the esteem of your managers and colleagues. This reputation-building is about a lot more than simply being friendly or helpful. In fact, cheeriness is far from the most important factor and could even prove detrimental. What you need to show people is that you’re intelligent, savvy, and disciplined. Here are four ways to make sure you gain the reputation you want.

Take Advantage Of Your Contacts
To enhance your reputation around the workplace, you’ll need to be widely engaged and well connected. The best way to boost your status is by taking advantage of your contacts and relationships. If you know someone influential in your industry, don’t
hesitate to enhance that relationship. Remember, networking is only beneficial if you
actually use your contacts.

Be Decisive In Your Decision Making
You want your colleagues to see that you’re competent, sharp, and self-assured. If you can’t make major decisions, you’ll come across as weak and incapable. Instead, make your positions firm. Nobody is ever one hundred percent sure that they’re making the right decision. Leaders often have to overcome their uncertainty to inspire confidence in those around them.

Take What Is Given To You
Some people think they gain respect by turning down offers for benefits. They assume
their colleagues will appreciate their desire to remain on a level playing field. In reality,
turning down perks like a bigger office or a higher-paid position may be detrimental. It
implies that you are content with what you have and lack aspirations. Remind yourself
that more incredible perks come with greater responsibilities, and by accepting them
you’re permitting yourself to advance in your career.

Learn To Talk About Your Achievements
Self-deprecation might be useful in certain situations, but it’s not a sound long-term
strategy. If you want others to recognize your achievements, you need to be forthright in
discussing them. Bragging is not a good idea, but don’t be afraid to honestly state your accomplishments and show how satisfied you are with your work. Learning to talk about yourself this way will earn you much more respect around the workplace.

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