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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people began working remotely. Now that people are vaccinated, many companies are returning to work in the office.  There are several ways that managers should handle this difficult transition of returning to the office.

Go Over Revised Policies
Offices should adjust their policies to reflect changes in society and the workplace. After a health crisis, an updated policy may include new rules for workstation sanitation. Just as important as revising the company’s policies is to review them with the staff. It’s necessary that every supervisor must retrain the office team before they are allowed to resume their work.

Rearrange the Furniture
Changing the room’s layout is even more effective than buying brand-new desks, chairs, and sofas. A rearrangement can also be done to promote social distancing if it is still necessary. This technique helps increase workers’ morale, so they will feel like they are coming back into a new and improved workplace.

Implement a Hybrid Environment
Many people will not be prepared for a fully in-person office transition. They may dread the upcoming days and avoid making contact with their coworkers as much as possible. They still have fears and doubts about making this big change. One tip is to create a hybrid environment that combines an office environment with a virtual setting. 

Create a Schedule
People who work solely online tend to follow a self-paced schedule. Creating a strict work schedule helps employees get back to the old routine of performing certain tasks at certain times. Making a schedule reduces the risks that some employees will not take their jobs seriously, choose to follow their own rules, and ignore its current policies.

Making the transition from one place to another is always an emotionally charged task. A team leader is needed to initiate this process and monitor every step that employees make. Everyone in the office needs a lot of time, energy, and guidance to get back to working normally in a face-to-face environment.

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