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In recent years, more focus has shifted towards community engagement in the workplace and how companies can help support their employees who are interested in philanthropy. In response, many companies have begun to incorporate corporate philanthropy into their business model and have worked to create opportunities that are meaningful to their employees. While there are many benefits to corporate philanthropy, it is important to take the right approach to get it implemented. For companies that are considering adding corporate philanthropy to their business model, it is important to remember the following tips

Learn About What Employees Are Looking For
A simple but effective way to ensure that the company’s efforts are worthwhile is to get feedback from the employees. Learn more about what type of opportunities would be the most meaningful to them, and gather any information about specific causes or organizations that are important to them. This can ensure that efforts to implement corporate philanthropy will be worthwhile and can bring more interest from those in the company.

Include A Variety Of Causes & Organizations
Given that a company will be tapping its employees for feedback, it is likely that there will be more than one cause that should be considered. For companies that have employees with a variety of causes of interest, it may be beneficial to diversify philanthropic activity. This could mean creating opportunities for a number of different organizations and providing information on the different volunteer opportunities that come with those options. This will give employees more freedom to choose an opportunity that is important to them and make it more likely to get higher levels of participation. While a company may not be able to accommodate every cause, having options can help increase interest in corporate philanthropy.

Create Incentives
Companies that want to provide additional focus on corporate philanthropy may benefit from creating incentives for participation. This could include providing extra paid time off for volunteering or offering matching contributions for donations made by employees. These efforts can not only increase interest in volunteering but can also help to improve overall morale for employees. By providing and promoting these opportunities, companies may help their employees to feel more supported by their employers. In this way, corporate philanthropy can help companies to enhance and deepen their internal relationships as well as external.

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