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Part of being an effective leader is learning how to grow with your team. With this growth, you will need to develop a more robust set of skills that will help you lead more effectively. While finding a mentor whose leadership style you admire is one way to reinforce positive leadership traits, here are a few more suggestions to help you evolve your leadership style.

Know How to Motivate Those You Oversee
It will take a variety of approaches to motivate your team because everyone responds to different incentives. For team members who feel unappreciated, simply acknowledging the work they do may be enough to keep them motivated. For others, offering ways to involve them in the process is a more effective strategy. You will also have some team members who are only motivated through rewards and material incentives. By creating a system that uses each type of motivational tool, you’ll see better results in how your team responds. 

Develop Stronger Communication Skills
While it is crucial to express your thoughts effectively, possessing good communication skills includes your ability to listen well. You should practice being an active listener, which involves paying closer attention to what your team members say to you. It’s a common habit to start formulating a response rather than listening to what another person is trying to express. When you focus more on your team member’s words and body language, you’ll find that you’re learning more information to help you become a better leader.

Practice Your Problem Solving Skills
Critical thinking is essential to develop and nurture because it will help you solve problems quickly. You can improve your critical thinking processes by doing puzzles, reading mysteries, or doing other activities that force you to think about complex situations. Keeping a sharp mind will be helpful when your team faces unexpected challenges that could adversely affect their ability to meet goals. When you can develop solutions faster, you’ll be better able to keep your team on target.

As long as you continuously look for new ways to improve your leadership style, you’ll continue to be an effective leader. Those who lead with better results are the leaders who maintain open minds and a willingness to change. Recognizing that you can always grow and improve your skills is the best leadership trait to possess.

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