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If you have decided to launch your startup in the coming year, you’ll need more than just a strong business plan and reliable resources. You’ll also need a better understanding of the entrepreneurial experience, so you’ll be prepared for the challenges you’ll face. As long as you’re determined to pursue success and have a willingness to learn, you can help your startup grow in 2022.

Don’t Forecast Your Success

If you’re truly sincere in your desire to succeed, you won’t set deadlines for yourself. You can’t tell yourself that you’ll never succeed if you haven’t done so with your third or 40th attempt. You similarly shouldn’t judge success by age. There are many entrepreneurs who achieved success later in life after spending decades honing their approach. As long as you keep trying and feel passionate about your idea, you will eventually achieve success.

Let Customers Finance Your Business

You may qualify for business loans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should take them. On the contrary, borrowing less will give you a better profit to debt ratio. Your focus should be on making more sales and using that influx of capital to grow your business gradually. This customer-financed business model will help your business succeed on its own merits. You also won’t find your business in a dire situation if a disaster does strike because you’ll still have all of that available credit to access in an emergency.

Realize There’s More Than One Path

Just because a certain business model has worked for others in your industry doesn’t mean it must work for you or that you’re required to use it. In fact, the most successful startups began by using a revolutionary approach. If you want to try a different method, go for it. Don’t let others tell you that your way can’t succeed. If it doesn’t work out as planned, you can try something different. You’ll be better off giving your idea a try because you will have learned something from experience.

Once you accept that there’s no such thing as instant success, you’ll be better prepared to build your startup over the next 12 months. This is an opportunity for you to start the process of becoming an entrepreneur. It will take time, overcoming setbacks, and a willingness to adapt, but your perseverance will pay off.