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Cate Lemmond


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About Cate


Cate Lemmond is an animal welfare advocate working as the President and CEO of Anicira in Harrisonburg and Manassas, Virginia. Cate has had a strong desire to help homeless pets from a young age.  After graduating college, Cate realized there was a desperate need to help reduce the number of homeless companion animals in her community. She began to see a strong demand for affordable, high-quality veterinary care that people could easily access. She believes that people love their pets and, when given the opportunity and resources, they will provide for them.

Thus, Cate opened the Shenandoah Valley Spay/Neuter Clinic in 2005, later rebranding to Anicira in 2016 amidst an expansion of service offerings to include general surgery as well as medical and dental care. Cate recognizes that many pets are at risk of not receiving the veterinary care they need due to their family’s inability to afford services. Cate understands the importance of the human-animal bond and believes that the experience of having a healthy pet should not be limited to people of privilege. Anicira is organized to address this need.

Cate is proud of how her organization has improved the lives of thousands of cats and dogs, and she hopes to continue expanding Anicira’s reach to include thousands more.

Programs for Under-served Pets and Future Plans


Last year, Anicira’s Pet Food Pantry made a major impact on the community. It delivered over a quarter of a million meals to pets from underserved families in the area. In addition to this service, Anicira offers a comprehensive care clinic for economically challenged families. Individuals and families in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County with an income of up to 138% of the federal poverty line, as well as those enrolled in Medicaid, can receive free comprenhesive care for their pets. Cate understands that economic and housing insecurity, and other factors can affect the quality of care pets receive, and she does not want to let any pet go without the care they need when they have the means to help.

In the future, Cate hopes to continue developing similar programs. Anicira currently provides help with surgery, dentistry, medical care, and more. Cate is proud of the work her team at Anicira has done to shape the lives of animals in their Virginia service communities. She is excited to see how they can positively impact more animals and owners in the coming years.

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